Beyond ABC – IRD – 23 Mar 2021


The focus of this demo is on improving tool control in bowl turning, however is relevant to most between-center techniques. In anything, I believe that to know the “how” you must understand the “why”. It is an in-depth explanation of those things that are not covered when someone talks about Anchor, Bevel, Cut. I presented this demo at the AAW 2018 symposium in Portland, Oregon

I explain and show how the legs are used to for greater power and control when making a cut.

I explain and demonstrate how the front hand and back hand have two different jobs. This is pertinent to all turners but also helps me a lot when teaching left handers bowl turning.

I demonstrate and explain when to engage the tool rest with your forward hand and when not. Many turners have anchored themselves to the tool rest completely, which greatly hinders their ability to control the tool.

I explain the two causes of catches by breaking them down logically into action/reaction. All of this relates directly to spindle turning tools as well. For bowl turners it eliminates the issue of ruining the rim on the last interior cut as well as the dreaded catch about ¾ the way up the outside. For spindle turners, you will be able to use the skew with confidence.


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Beyond ABC – Interactive Remote Demonstration

23 Mar 2021 at 3:00 – 5:00 pm PST

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I am a professional woodturner, specializing in gallery work, commercial work, teaching and demonstrating. I have been turning since 1958, so... a long time. I use this site to present my work to the public at large and to let people know that I am available for teaching private lessons in woodturning. Wood turning is one of my passions (the other is motorcycle touring). It is my desire to pass on everything that I have learned over the years to others so that the craft of woodturning will grow.
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