Butterfly Crack Repair – IRD – 6 Apr 2021


Butterfly Crack Repair – Interactive Remote Demonstration

6 Apr 2021 – 3:00-5:00 pm  PST

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This type of repair is also referred to as a “Dutchman”, “Bow Tie”, “Dovetail” or “Pewa”. The method demonstrated involves using a router to make both the recess and the patch but also includes an alternate method of creating patches in bulk. Applying patches to both existing or emerging cracks not only saves material that would otherwise be thrown in the fire but also saves projects that already have hours of work invested in them. In the end, a well-done butterfly patch is easy to do and represents a higher level of skill that increases the value of a project.

In this demo I show how to make a pattern for routing the recess for a patch, how to cut material to make the patch, how to cut the recess, then fit the patch.

I discuss the features to look for in a router and router bits that I have found most suitable.

About Ed Pretty

I am a professional woodturner, specializing in gallery work, commercial work, teaching and demonstrating. I have been turning since 1958, so... a long time. I use this site to present my work to the public at large and to let people know that I am available for teaching private lessons in woodturning. Wood turning is one of my passions (the other is motorcycle touring). It is my desire to pass on everything that I have learned over the years to others so that the craft of woodturning will grow.
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