Ed Pretty – Wood Artist

Ed is an accomplished woodturner who has been turning for a very long time, 62 years to be exact. Of course he didn’t start out being an expert, no one does! He started when he was only 9 on an old lathe at home with his father at the helm. His first project was a handle for his mother’s favourite slotted spoon. (We still have it today). He has branched out extensively since then. Want to keep up with Ed, keep coming back, or check out his Facebook page.

Interactive Remote Demonstrations

Along with many other turners Ed has branched out into the field of Interactive Remote Demonstrations or IRD for short. This is a relatively new way to demonstrate, but thankfully was all in place before Covid hit. He offers IRD to guilds all over the world and now has taken it one step further to weekly IRD with a variety of topics. Check out the topics here.

Check out the Gallery

Want to see some of Ed’s work, have a look at the gallery. Unfortunately it is a little behind the times and I, his wife Arlene, haven’t had the time to update it. Stay tuned though, I will be working on that soon.

Woodturning Lessons

Ed also offers woodturning lessons here at the shop. Unfortunately with Covid, these are on hold. Stay tuned for more information.

Tips and How To’s

This is something fairly new that we have added to the website. There are a variety of topics to choose from. This is being updated daily. I’m revisiting most of them before posting and am trying to only include a couple a day. Wouldn’t want you to miss any. 😉 These were mostly originally written by Ed for Craftsy. Click here, or on the tab above to get to this section.


This is a running list of Ed’s posts, both old and new. The newest are on the top, so you may have to do some digging to get to some of the oldies but goodies. Of course, you can always pick your category from the menu at the side.

Stay tuned

This, like all websites, is a work in progress. Stay tuned for the new up and coming posts, projects, photos and more.

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