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This is a good place to remind present owners of my work of the care and handling of their pieces. All colouring is done with the most colour fast dyes and paints available. In spite of that fact it is imperative that they not be displayed in direct sunlight since ultraviolet rays will eventually deplete the colours. Sunlight also darkens any wood (natural oxidation) which reduces the vibrant nature of the grain in the highly figured wood that I use.  None of my work is meant to hold water or food since neither the forms themselves nor their finishes are waterproof. Never wash these pieces. Instead, the very occasional light application of high quality furniture polish (on semi gloss and gloss pieces only) and simply wiping with a dry micro-fiber cloth to remove dust and hand prints on any pieces is recommended.

The sole function of my work is to please the eye and evoke emotion. The only thing they are meant to hold is your attention.  I make these pieces with the intent that they will become heirlooms and with careful handling they will one day be that.


Creating “Oh! Scarlet!”

If you are interested in finding out more about my work, please see my email address on the Contact page.  If you are a member of a woodturning or woodworking guild and would like to discuss demonstrations for your guild on topics on the site and many others, by all means give me a call. Thank you  for your interest. 


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