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Skews: oval? flat?

As I proof read my last post it occurred to me that one point of interest (confusion?) to new turners is the option of flat versus oval skews. Here is my opinion on the topic, and as they say, that and a … Continue reading

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The dreaded skew is not so dreaded. Trust me.

Like most turners, my first experiences with the skew were tense sessions sometimes ending successfully and sometimes not. Of course we all have known the agony of defeat, experiencing at least one “catch” in our career. And even if you … Continue reading

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Stop the presses! Big assist for a vacuum chuck.

Maybe the title is a little over the top but I’m pretty pumped about a stupid-easy fix that I tripped onto for a common problem when using vacuum chucks. Yesterday I was vacuum chucking a hollow form to finish the foot … Continue reading

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A little bit about dyes

I was queried by a few turners at the West Coast Roundup about the materials I use when colouring wood, so promised I would put something up. My plans for the future include posting something on coloring wood so I already … Continue reading

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A few quick pointers on using a chuck

Today I was working on a hollow form when the lathe started to growl – first when I was cutting the end grain then getting progressively worse. I checked the chuck to make sure it was tight on the lathe and … Continue reading

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West Coast Round Up Woodturning Symposium

 Well, it’s done. Our guild, the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild, hosted the West Coast Round Up September 10 -12 featuring Nick Cook, Dale Larson, Marilyn Campbell, Graeme Priddle, Michael Hosaluk, Allain Mailland, Jason Marlow and our own Art Liestman. Our team … Continue reading

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The other end of the spectrum

The last post was about a huge lathe by most standards. This one is about work produced at the exact opposite end of the scale.   Yesterday I attended the “open shop” for Art Liestman’s new shop/studio at his home in … Continue reading

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Bullmoose takes up more than its fair share of floorspace in my shop. It’s old. I rarely use it. You have to be a millwright to preserve the babbit plain bearings and cast iron thrust bearing when you are turning. It represents so … Continue reading

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How I got here from there

On my welcome page I commented that I got started as a turner when I was 9 years old. To some that might seem a bit improbable but you would have to know the environment in which I grew up. … Continue reading

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