Congratulations to Art Liestman

Art Liestman is a friend and co-member of the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild. Art is one of those un-assuming people who, although he has many things he could brag about, never brags at all. He willingly shares what he knows with others yet is right in there with the rest of us when there is something new to learn, never leaving the impression that he is somehow at a higher level. He is the founder of the guild, he is an insightful artist who has inspired many of us to do our best and he is an artist of note in the international woodturning community. Because Art never brags, I am going to have to do it for him here.

Art recently returned from Chicago where his work was showcased at SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art), an annual international art exposition in Chicago. That in itself is big enough news but he was able to top even that. In Art’s typical style, 0ne evening at a meeting he said, “Come over here for a minute, there’s something I would like to show you”. I followed Art over to his seat where he showed me a copy of Craft Arts International, an Australian publication showcasing both established and emerging artists around the world. There was a small sticky tab part way through so I dutifully turned to that page, only to see a  feature article on none other than our very own Art Liestman. His work was showcased pictorially and there was an excellent write up on Art, his history and his inspiration. He had nonchallantly handed me something that was clearly a crowning achievement, yet presented it as though it was just another article of general interest.

I didn’t have the opportunity to read the article in its entirety but thankfully a member of WoW (Woodturners on the Web), Denise deRose, had taken the time to photocopy the article and post it on the blog in pdf format. At the risk of violating enough copyright laws to put me in jail for a couple of years, I am reposting her file below with thanks. Please read the article about Art Liestman, an international artist of very deserved acclaim, who considers himself  simply a maker like the rest of us.

ArtLiestmanCAI- 80[1]

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