Collaboration with Steve Smith, Native Artist

An earlier piece turned for Steve. Approximately 22" tall.

An earlier piece turned for Steve. Approximately 22″ tall.

Over the last couple of years I have had the good fortune to be collaborating with Steve Smith, Native Artist. Steve paints traditional images however he imparts his own distinctive style in his work. I am beyond fortunate – more appropriately I am honoured to work with Steve. His outlook on life and art have had a significant impact on my own work. I originally turned “blank canvases” for Steve that were pretty standard fare for woodturning but the last while I have provided him with forms that were inspired by his work; pieces that I felt would work with his style.

Beginning March 22 the Steinbreuck Gallery in Seattle will be presenting an exclusive show of Steve’s work. I turned all the sculptural pieces in the show while the remainder – except a pair of running shoes 🙂 – are all flat panels. Several of the turned pieces have not been delivered yet so are not on the site at the present time. My personal favourite is “Here and Now” with “Love” being a close second.

This link is to their site advertising the show.

The first of my pieces painted by Steve in a frog theme. Approximately 16" tall.

The first of my pieces painted by Steve in a frog theme. Approximately 16″ tall.

IMG_6841 IMG_6842

Steve’s own website is This is a link to a very interesting video of Steve Well worth the few minutes to watch.

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I am a professional woodturner, specializing in gallery work, commercial work, teaching and demonstrating. I have been turning since 1958, so... a long time. I use this site to present my work to the public at large and to let people know that I am available for teaching private lessons in woodturning. Wood turning is one of my passions (the other is motorcycle touring). It is my desire to pass on everything that I have learned over the years to others so that the craft of woodturning will grow.
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